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Do you regularly visit East Gippsland for holidays or a weekend break ? Don't tow your boat or caravan long distances ! Metung Marine & Storage near the Gippsland Lakes, Bairnsdale and Lakes Entrance offer convenient, safe and secure storage for your boat, trailer, caravan and vehicle.

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About Metung Marine & Storage Facilities and Services
Metung Marine & Storage first opened in 2005 to provide holiday makers a safe location where they could leave their boat, trailer, caravan and vehicle, rather than regularly...
Storage for Boats, Trailers, Caravans and Vehicles
Metung Marine & Storage offer both under cover and open yard storage for boats, trailers, caravans and vehicles. Bairnsdale and Lakes Entrance are only a 15 minute drive awa...
Top reasons to store your boat under cover in Metung
Have you considered all the distinct advantages that there are in storing your boat under cover at a popular holiday destination like Metung ?
Insurance for Property while in Storage
It is important for customers to be aware that they are responsible to insure their property against accidental damage, fire or theft for the entire period it remains at Metung ...
Caravan Park Drop Off and Pick Up Service
Would you like to have your caravan dropped off at a park around the Gippsland Lakes, ready the moment you arrive for your holiday break? No problem !
Boat Launching and Retrieval Service
Save yourself both time and effort in launching and retrieving your boat. Ask Metung Marine & Storage to take care of that task for you.
Boat and Caravan Wash Down Service
Wash down your boat and trailer or caravan regularly to keep your pride and joy looking spick and span and prevent corrosion. Metung Marine & Storage can do this chore for y...
Boat Caravan and Trailer Maintenance
Metung Marine & Storage can carry out routine maintenance on your boat, caravan and trailer to keep them in top shape ready to go when you arrive.
Metung Marine & Storage Contact Details and Location
Please feel free to contact Metung Marine & Storage any time by Telephone or Email. Your enquiry will be welcome.