Fishing East Gippsland Rivers and Gippsland Lakes

16th February 2016
Article Publisher

The Tambo, Nicholson and Mitchell Rivers and Gippsland Lakes will provide you with some of the best bream, flathead and mullet fishing in Australia.

There are plenty of stores in the East Gippsland area who supply fishing tackle, lures, bait and a Fishing Licence if you don't already have one.

Fish from the grassy banks, a jetty or from a boat. The Mitchell River Silt Jetties run 8 kilometres out into Lake King. This is a popular spot to catch bream and flathead. Also check out the Eagle Point Bluff. You can cruise up the Mitchell, Nicholson and Tambo Rivers for long distances and discover plenty of good fishing spots along the way.

Bream and flathead fishing in Bancroft Bay, Metung

Those who have a boat will be able to cruise across the Gippsland Lakes and go surf fishing on the Ninety Mile Beach.

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