02nd May 2022

Top reasons to store your boat under cover in Metung

Have you considered all the distinct advantages that there are in storing your boat under cover at a popular holiday destination like Metung ?

Maybe this is what you have been doing in the past …

  • Towing your boat some considerable distance back and forth from home to your holiday destination.
  • Leaving your boat in the water unattended at a swing mooring.
  • Leaving your boat docked at a jetty, at significant expense.

For small and medium sized boat owners, right now Metung Marine & Storage can provide you with a secure, super convenient and very affordable alternative.

Here are top reasons why you should think about leaving you boat in storage with us in magnificent Metung.

Sheer convenience !

You need a heavy vehicle for towing, which costs more money in fuel and extends your travel time. And besides, towing long distances is just a pain ! Why not enjoy a more relaxing drive when going on holidays ? Save travel time and also save fuel.

A quick telephone call or email to us in Metung a couple of days in advance before you leave home and we can have your boat and trailer out beside the office ready to collect the moment you arrive.

Or you can even have us launch your boat so that it is sitting in the water waiting for you and your family at the pre-arranged time. You don’t even get your feet wet. This is a great service we offer that many boat owners are now taking advantage of.

Your boat is protected from harsh weather and bird damage

Storing your boat under cover keeps it protected from harsh ultraviolet sun rays, dust and mould all year round.

Boats left moored in the water provide the perfect waterfront perch for seagulls, herons and cormorants looking for a roost or a vantage point for their next meal. Bird droppings are highly acidic and will corrode paintwork, eat into sails, riggings, sail covers and mast gear. Bird droppings can also damage light fixtures, railings, walkways and steps. Imagine the enormous hassle those owners must go through spending time cleaning off messy bird droppings on every occassion they wish to take their boat out on the water.

Boat covered in bird droppings

Bird droppings. The cleanup problem you won't have at Metung Marine & Storage !

Under cover storage means you avoid all of these problems and the value of your boat remains higher for a much longer period of time.

When you do take your boat out, upon return Metung Marine offer you a boat washdown and flush service to keep your pride and joy looking spick and span and prevent corrosion.

You will avoid expensive and regular boat maintenance costs

Leaving your boat in the water means expensive and regular maintenance like antifouling, cleaning off barnacles and detailing becomes an absolute necessity. Avoid that expense by storing your boat under cover.

However, when you do need some boat or trailer maintenance carried out, Metung Marine & Storage can take care of all that for you as well.

Your boat is safe and secure

Swing moorings might suit certain boat owners, but they create obvious access challenges. And the fact that your boat sits unsupervised for extended periods of time is a real worry.

Store your boat under cover in Metung

Your boat will be safe and secure at Metung Marine & Storage

Metung Marine & Storage access gates and storage facilities are monitored around the clock by security surveillance systems. All precautions have been taken to prevent theft and vandalism of your property. You can have confidence that your boat and trailer will be safe while in storage at Metung. However, it is still necessary for you to take out an Insurance Policy to cover your property while in storage.

Metung and the Gippsland Lakes is a fantastic location for regular holidays !

For those who enjoy boating, skiing and fishing, you simply cannot find a better location than the wonderful Gippsland Lakes ! There are numerous holiday activities the entire family can enjoy.

Why wait ? Enquire now and reserve your under cover boat and trailer storage space in Metung !
15 Cattlemans Track Metung Victoria 3904 AU
+613 412 581 202 $15 to $1,500

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